The 43rd issue of the “Zöld Napok” newspaper came out

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Dear lovers of Green Sun!

The 4th issue of the Green Sun Association’s newspaper came out as the final issue of year 2021, from a total of 43 issues published so far. First of all, we would like to salute Fozocoș George for being The Volunteer of the Season. Then, we can read about a short summary of this year and get an insight into the activities of this season, for instance there was the cycling tour, the Kalith Attila Sports Day and the autumn camp. Also, worth mentioning the Erasmus+ project events with the title of KarMarketing and +404, taking place at Felsőtárkány, Hungary. In addition to this, the ’Moving Afternoon’ and the Turkish & Russian Club were successful.

We can have a look at the Heal the Earth, reloded edition project essentials. We can get some information about the visit at Gyűjtemények Háza. We wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the best! We would like to thank everyone who helped in the execution of the activities, especially we are grateful for Biró Levente for his editorial contribution!

The quarterly published issue of the Green Sun’s newspaper can be found on the website of the organization or in the office.