About a week ago

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Hello everybody a week ago we have been on a mid-term training with Mariam and Asiye. It was quite nice, but short. We have met a lot of friends from on arrival training, felt like home within the groups.

Actually, mid-term was not as a training it was a meeting and sharing of ideas, what did we bring to the project and what will we take from the project. We did a lots of non-formal activities, both indoor and outdoor, which I really enjoyed, cause with my group we went to shoot a little movie which included conversational circle and discussion about our projects and meanwhile walking we found out an art exhibition which was precious and we were invited to shoot our movie over there. Was fantastic, the atmosphere, colors of happiness around and a very warm host.

And the way back to home, our friend from Ukraine Juliana came to spend a weekend with us. It was amazing, because always better together…

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