Annual Report 2018

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Each year we start with new plans, but we should also look back. 2018 has passed very quickly, and we can say that in this year we have not bored at all, because we had always events to organize. Reviewing the achievements and looking at current programs and to those to wait to be implemented we can say that the past period was successful, we managed to bring a plus in the lives of people in our region, with tangible and intangible results as well.

This year our programs have multiplied, new projects have found their place in our association and we tried to implement them based on the actual requirements and standards. We hope that 2019 will bring only good. If our small team will go in the direction we started if each member gives us just a little of his time and join us for future projects, then we know that the end of next year we can be proud of our association.

The annual report edited by Attila Ráduly is available in the office of the association and can be accessed online on
Thanks for the sponsors, partners and all the volunteers for their endless support.