The Armenian community of Gyergyószentmiklós

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There are about 400 hundred years the Armenian community exists in Transylvania.

They speak Hungarian, write in Hungarian, and pray in Armenian.

They lived in Transylvania for 400 hundred years being cut off from Armenia and the Armenian church, but they could keep their traditions and identity.

The community is so unique, their names are Hungarian, their cuisine is a mixture of Hungarian and Armenian dishes, and the church service is both in the Hungarian and the Armenian languages.

We had a two-day trip to Gyergyószentmiklós. They welcomed us with great hospitality, we had national dishes in a warm atmosphere.

The following day we went to the church, none of the community members speaks Armenian, but they treated us like family members, and they were so happy to see Armenians.

Then the Holly Liturgy started and most parts of it were in the Armenian language.

I was shocked, at how they could do this, without having no relations with Armenia for centuries.

After the Liturgy, we went to the yard to take part in the ceremony of memorizing Hungarian-Armenian heroes. They sang the Hungarian national anthem, then women showed me on a book page the national anthem of Armenia, and we sang. Deacons were holding Armenian and Hungarian flags.

After the church, we went back to the community house, where people were waiting for us with lots of food and drinks and we spoke about the homeland.

We had two beautiful days with the Armenian community of Gyergyószentmiklós / Gheorgheni and came back with lots of ideas to cooperate with them.

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Mariam Evanesyan