On Arrival Training

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The training has lasted one week, from May 22nd until 27th. Enough time for meeting new persons and to make us change our mind. The road to Bucharest began with a mixture of nervousness and emotion. Nervousness because we went other city we did not know and Emotion because we were going to meet other person in the same circumstances as we were. The first meeting was on Sunday, after dinner. We got to know each other through simple games: we were grouped by country, by age and if we had a partner.

The next days, they talked about Eramus +, EVS projects, Cigna, Youthpass, our objectives in EVS project, our mentor, about hypothetical situation during our project, teamwork, roles, responsibility, conflict, cultural iceberg, intercultural party, meeting with NA (Emanuel Franga and Geanina Constantin), an approach to Romanian culture and city rally under the rain. In order to talk about subject, we were divided in two teams with two trainer each team. Our trainer was Andra and Mustata and the other groups´s were leaded by Nico and Madalina.

During this week we were not only reminded of our rights and meet other interesting people, but we also learnt that we are responsibly for our destiny or luck (how you want to call it). Our attitude depends on our relationship with the other volunteers, we can´t blame anybody or conflicts. We are being given a big opportunity to get skills what we can´t learn on a book and we can´t throw away.

Author: Isabel Fernandez