On-Arrivial-Training – Learning about EVS and meet a lot of people!

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From 21th September until 27th September we had been in Predeal, near from Brasov on the On-Arrival-Training. The training was organized for all Evs-Volunteers, who came between August and September. We were 70 Volunteer a from 20 different countries, so it was amazing that we had the chance to met so much people from the whole world. Photos of the event can be viewed on the association Facebook.

The Volunteers came from Georgia, Latvia, Armenia, Dänemark, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Jordania, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Macedonia, Moldova, Italy, Hungary, Estonia, Aserbaidschan, Turkey. In the training we learned about: • The rights and responsibilities which have the Volunteers, the Sending Organization, the National Agency, the Coordinating Organization and the mentor. • Romanian language • A lots of new games and experiences • All about the Youth Pass • The medical insurance • About Culture Shock, and how you can be able to live in another culture and to integrate • How you can make a good conversation For me the training was very interesting, and now we can visit our friends in different parts of Romania. We get to known other cultures from the whole world, it was fascinating, because in all country is different. I'm so happy that I met so nice people and I hope we stay in contact. Now we also know more about the Romanian culture. In the training we were 5-6 people who come from a Hungarian part of Romania, so we were very proud of us. We explained also the other Volunteers why there is a Hungarian part in Romania and for them it was very interesting. We also missed in this week our homeplace Kézdivásárhely and the Hungarian culture and the language. Now we know the Hungarian and Romania culture and it's good. The training was very useful and a big „Thank you“ for our trainer, because they made the training very good. Have a green day ! :)

Author: Melissa Öller