Better late than never

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With this article I’m going to tell you my very first experience regarding the summer camp. The camp by itself was unique because of the magic feeling we all shared, the friendships that formed, and the incredible memories that remains. In this special place you can be yourself even if you don’t speak the language children do, free to run, laugh, play, and discover.

So, where else can you participate in a new different games and experiments, enjoy morning exercises with gymnastic and Yoga, and creative flows, complete missions and do a photography sessions in front of the bonfire, and the most important thing, make a best lifetime memories.

The camp had a huge positive effects on youth development. The program was containing to teach them that the public protection on environment matters. They also engaged in practical exercises focusing on recycling issues, including natural resources protection and after that they did a presentations by itself. Also, I’m honored to say that I had a presentation about healthy eating.

The camp had a loving atmosphere in which every participant could grow through a list of fantastic activities and with the guidance of excellent organizers. I think children developed more confidence achieving goals, they were open to try new things, they were more initiative, and motivated to resolve problematic issues by themself. Also, they did learn to work within the groups, which from my point of view is important, because they were learning how to listen a new ideas of each member, help and respect each other.

For more, I wish to share some information about the Secret Angel game, which is my favorite one from rom now. And I am so proud to announce that I had a many angel. I would like to proudly share some letters from them:

Sorry for my English is bad. We love to play with you!

                                                                      - With love: Kitty, Bea, Csansz, Bence, Panna, Bogi.

Nice to meet you!

                                                                      -      A ghostwriter.

Salome you are a kind person and a very beautiful girl. I really liked your presentation

                                                                      -       A ghostwriter.

And a many letter full of with hearts and greetings. So, once more I believed in fact that sometimes to feel a love from child does not need a language. And love is in th ear you smell, you breathe.

They say, the best things take time. That’s why I was late to be a camper.

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