Volunteering in the Green Sun Association – Biró Levente

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Being a volunteer is not a status anymore, it is a way of life. It is hard to tell when I started being a volunteer, somehow I always had this sense inside me, I always believed that doing something for the common weal is a proper and good thing to do. My volunteer activity within the Zöld Nap Association has been various since the association’s establishment. Just some of them: generating and developing the website, presenting, assembling tender dossies, designing placards, worker, administrator, organiser and so on, I could go on forever. The point is, during my volunteership I had the opportunity to come to know all the levels of the association’s structure. Of course, these levels are not and cannot be inferior between them. Consequently, by being a volunteer of the Zöld Nap Association, I had the opportunity to try myself, my abilities and to improve these. Furthermore I gained several professional and non-professional relations, friends through the association, fact which represents a great value to me. I got the chance to stand for the association at conferences and forums, where I stretched my mind with new experiences. I attended camps where we taught the children and the youth. I cannot complain on the volunteer life, it is far from being boring. As I read through the Zöld Nap Association’s timescale, my heart is filled with joy and pride that we managed to create a recognized association out of nothing. The essence of this way of life is to keep moving, being active, saying and doing the right, the good, and the proper. Sincerely, it is not easy to express in a few sentences why it is good to be a volunteer. Just put yourself in our position and fancy how much good you could do as a volunteer. The success is guaranteed, the rest is up to you!