Black sea, hello from the other side

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With this blog I'm going to tell you how I met to the black sea again, but from the other side, from Bulgaria. I can say that, I grew up in the black sea region and it always reminds me about a short novel "The old man and the Sea" written by Ernest Hemingway.

The funniest moment is that, even if I lived whole my life in the black sea region, I still can not swim; but, otherwise I enjoy to sit on the beach and read books.

Bulgaria by itself was so nice to have rest, it looked like a bit one city of Georgia, called Kobuleti (which was one of my favorite place in my childhood ), but just a bit big one.

The first day the sea was so calm, with beautiful views and we was walking next to the beach. So nice way to feel the energy of the water. The day after we visited an old town, which was totally different, much interesting then I have imagined and so beautiful with the sea view. At that night we also went to the Karaoke pub, which became as a best memory from Bulgarian stories. I was dancing whole night and Ágota sang a very nice song called "Summer wine". I had a bit filling that I was at home and really enjoyed the company of people, whith whom I went there.  

And at the end, once my friend tolled me that, best way to feel alive is all about to collect best memories for the time we will get an older. So, whith that trip I have one more story to remember.

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