Hello everyone. I would like to introduce myself as this will be my first blog post. My name is Halis ÖZCAN. I am 21 years old. I am from Turkey. I live in Bursa. I am a senior student at Kocaeli University, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Department of Recreation but I came to Romania by taking a 1year break from education. Taking a break from school was a difficult decision for me. I made such a decision because I wanted to improve myself, learn a new language, get to know different cultures and people.


Since last week, I have commuted office and home.Besides, we had important events, and we started  photo contest.

The photo contest began on the 18th December, which was Friday. It was about the the relationship between human and nature. During this day we ran an online photography exhibition. It took place at Culture of House Vigadó.

After that, I made a diploma for photographers, it was not a certificate or offical paper but you ou can consider it as a gift that was given to participants for remembering Green Sun Association. For the Winner they took special prize as well, then I made a calendar using 12 stunning photos that were voted best for photo contest . For more information, please click the link below.


Hello guys!

I have been in Kézdivásárhely for almost four months. Time is just flying by so fast.I still remember the first day that I came here. I did not realize at all but when I look back to these four months I realize that I learnt and did lots of things which I want to share with you.


Hello Everyone!

I am going to tell you about my first week in Romania. When I came to here, they  greeted me warmly and friendly. I’ve been to here just in a week but I’ve visited  great places and met nicely people.


Hello everybody a week ago we have been on a mid-term training with Mariam and Asiye. It was quite nice, but short. We have met a lot of friends from on arrival training, felt like home within the groups.

Actually, mid-term was not as a training it was a meeting and sharing of ideas, what did we bring to the project and what will we take from the project. We did a lots of non-formal activities, both indoor and outdoor, which I really enjoyed, cause with my group we went to shoot a little movie which included conversational circle and discussion about our projects and meanwhile walking we found out an art exhibition which was precious and we were invited to shoot our movie over there. Was fantastic, the atmosphere, colors of happiness around and a very warm host.