Hello. How are my dear friends?

At last I decided to take holidays and to go somewhere. I will not say you where I would like to go and where I will go. When I will come back I will tell you or I will make video about my trip. You will see where I was. So me and my friend Elena we will start our trip on 25th of January at 8 o’clock in the morning.

We hope weather will be good and worm, without rain, we will meet interesting and good peoples.

This time I don't want to speak much.))))

See You next week.


Hello. If realy I dont know what to tell you in this time. Okay. I will tell you about my New Year.
I decided to go to Bucharest for New Year.
I started my visit to Bucharest on 30 of Decembere.I woke up at 5 o'clock in the morning, becouse train was at 6.08 in
the morning.I went 7 hourses until I got to Bucharest. It was hard and long trip.
At 3 oclock I met with my friend from George and also met 2 new peoples. One girl from French and one boy from Georga,
they are also valonuntry in Romania. We went to saw some place in the city. And first time I went to McDonald's to eat their burgers.
I like it.
In the evening around 6 oclock we met with my armenian friend Lana. She is student in Bucharest. 


I have a small tradition-at the beginning of each new year to sum up the results of last year. So today I will share with you the results of 2018.

For me this year was one of the most unusual. He was generous with surprises and filled with a lot of spontaneous decisions.

2018 I started, going on a little trip, maybe that's why I travel all year.

- New year's eve with my girlfriend and take  the suitcase. Birthday in Jordan and meeting interesting people.


Here comes the end of 2018 - a year of change, reflection and innovation. I believe that every year we become a little better and learn something new. 2018 was no exception. This year has taught me how to repair my own heart, how to reassemble myself, how to manage without the people you thought they would be in your life for a long time. This year has taught me that no one is really with you, that you have to deal with everything yourself. No one will put you back on your feet but only you. This year has shown me how important it is to be yourself in any situation, how important it is to be able to make decisions on your own, how to listen and hear yourself.


Hello everybody!

We are in december now and is winter! Is the first time that I have seen the snow in the city, I saw one time in one mountain in Spain, and is really beautiful!

I like so much to get up in the morning and see the snow, and all the streets and the entraince of our flat full of snow and white! Is something that I never could imagine until now, but the problem of the snow is... is really cold. As I said in another blog, I hate the cold weather, and I still thinking the same but now I'm completely sure that I can support easier the cold weather than before, I'm not saying that I like, but I can support it jaja.