I had been thinking about making a tattoo for a long time, so I decided to make it yesterday.

I had already decided the symbol: “Yin and Yand with wolfs” but I also had to find a master. I asked over my city but couldn’t find. That’s why I looked for a tattoo master in Sfantu Georghe. I kept in touch with him and decided to meet on Saturday at 2 p.m.

I thought it would be difficult to find the tattoo salon as I didn’t know the city well. Fortunately, it was easy.

As the last train leaves at 7.30 p.m., we had just 5 hours to make my tattoo. Of course, we couldn’t finish it in time, and I had to stay there.


I've been thinking about it a lot lately. And really, why don't people fly? Imagine how great that would be! You miss your home and flapping your wings, waving for hours you're home. You want to see Arad once or twice, and you're already in another city. You are late for work-it does not matter, you can fly in a few seconds!

Seriously, as a child, the dream of flying like birds is very pragmatic - it seems to us that it would be surprising if people had wings and could fly anywhere. Over time, the desire to have wings is transformed, becomes more symbolic – in difficult or unpleasant psychological situations, it seems, the only possible option for successful development of events is flying like a bird.


October it's almost ready, almost 6 months here, almost half year here and I have a lot of memories, new thoughts, new discoveries, more friends, new knowledges...and I have 6 months more to spend here and continue growing. This month have been calm, relax, we already changed the season, today we changed the hour, the color of the mountains are changing, the weather each day it's different and also is changing, cold, hot, rain, cloudy...even me.


On the 18th and 19th of October we had “24 hours running”  day with 600  participants. The event was organized by Zold Nap Association and Sport Center. The event was in Sport Center. Where we gave apple and water to participants. When  nobody was there , we were running until thire  return.

Our Spanish friends organized “ Spanish club”. The first meeting was on the 23th of October at 5 pm. On the first day they told us about Spain, taught some words that we need to know in case we are in Spain.

On the 23,24 and 25  of Octobre we went to  “Bod Peter” high school and  we met students. We talked about us: What we do and why.

On the 26th  of October we had “Moving Afternoon” event. We organized games and dances for participants.


Why this year is a special autumn for me? I've never been living in a foregin country so much time so I never see this colors in autumn. In our city we have like two season, summer and spring (talking about if the weather is in Targu Secuiesc).

Is really difficult to find leaves on the floor like this or see this color in the environment. So the last week when the green sun associations members went to the mountain I could see how the trees in the mountain were changing the colors, because we could see a lot of trees with different tonalities like a sequence, going to the green ones until the characteristic color of autumn, was wonderful.