Every time I go on a trip, whether for a day or two or a year, I tend to take a few things with me as possible. I love to discover new cities by foot, as this is the only way I can believe in the evening that I'm really in a new place, because my legs hurts. It is on insanely but pleasant pain. It often happens that I do not spend the night in a hotel or hostel, because it is expensive, and all night long I walk through the new streets. To these walks is pleasant – a suitcase or even better – a backpack witch should be as small, as comfortable and easy. Fees in Romania are no exception. I analyzed and cleaned, already packed things for the fourth time, shifted and changed already, apparently, found the perfect corner in a bag.


After almost 2 weeks on holidays I'm here again! I come back home for reload energy, for restart, to see everybody and step on the beach, my beach. It was amazing meet with my people, feel the humidity from the sea, feel the fireworks, feel that nothing had changed.

As you alredy know, my city is Elche, and it celebrate the local parties every August. This year was different, was more exciting,was a trip with other mentality but ejoyed so much. 

Now its time to the return to the rutine, autumn is coming and we have a news objectives, news activities, news travels and news destinations.


Everyone, being in a new city or country, tries to see and experiment everything that is possible. Before my trip to Romania I made a short bucketlist:

1. Visit Brasov;

2. Take a walk in Bucharest in the night;

3. Try “mamaliga”;

4. Visit the castle Peles;

5. Travel to Bran – Dracula Castle.


It is 8 August and I am in Romania already since 2 month. 


This is my last blog until holidays! Yes, I decided to take a break and come back to Spain. But don't worry, I will come back with more videos and more experiences about my EVS. Nine months more are waiting for me after my holidays!

First of all I'm so grateful to had participated in a summer camp with the children at beginning of August. Was a nice experience and also nice place. I could to practice my skills as a nutritionist and I was very happy about it.

With the arrival of the news volunteers I have been discovering new places and show them the town and surroundings. Before they arrive I was in Padureni Lake, but I didnt swim. Now I came back again and I could swim and enjoy it the place. Also was sunny so... what's I need more?!