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Someone says it takes 21 days to get used to something. There are those who argue and argue that it takes at least two months. What happens to a person who has lived eleven months in another country in a virtually unchanged environment? After 11 months of work as a teacher in Vorkuta, I still communicate with some colleagues, with many students and their parents, and just with people with whom I managed to make friends.  I am very used to and still miss the time, people and place.


There is exactly a month before my return home. I am a soldier in the army, which is waiting for the demobilization. And to be honest, no, I'm not waiting for the return. I ask myself, "do I miss?", and increasingly the answer is - "no."


A year ago, on 16 March 2018, I received an email from Attila Ráduly. To be honest, I completely forgot that I sent an application for participation in the project, and that day I did not remember it at all, because I was waiting for a long-awaited, but still very unexpected trip to Turkey. Quickly sent the documents that were written in the letter, and safely erased from memory this information.


Hello dears!

Today, I will write about a strange but interesting trip.

I will start with the fact that I did not went alone, but with a volunteer from Armenia - Alen. On Friday, January 25, we started our trip at 8 am in the direction of Brasov. The weather was overcast, but not rainy. I will not describe the details of our journey, I will show the route in the cities and I will stop at the most important areas: Târgu Secuiesc - St. George (in tranzit) – Brasov (in tranzit) - Făgăraş (visit).


I have a small tradition-at the beginning of each new year to sum up the results of last year. So today I will share with you the results of 2018.

For me this year was one of the most unusual. He was generous with surprises and filled with a lot of spontaneous decisions.

2018 I started, going on a little trip, maybe that's why I travel all year.

- New year's eve with my girlfriend and take  the suitcase. Birthday in Jordan and meeting interesting people.