Citizens of the future!

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Everything happened at 50 kilometers southwest of the capital of Hungary, Budapest in the city Székesfehérvár. 6 countries with many common features but also many cultural differences rallied to put the country on track in terms of environment, nature and human education. The sending organization of Romanian team was Green Sun Association from Kézdivásárhely . Pictures made on the event are available at the Facebook page of the association.

Our trainers Gabi and Ildikó provided all the necessary materials to teach us how to protect the environment and nature and also how we must protect ourselves. Also we had the chance to meet Gyula Simonyi the President of BOCS Foundation who lectured us about nature, carbon footprint and about contraception and the right use of the condoms. Evenings were diverse : watching documentaries, walks in the city, intercultural evenings. I would like to congratulate my friends from the Romanian team because together we managed to make a special cultural evening about Romania. Also I would like to congratulate the teams from all countries for the great spectacles during the intercultural evenings. Finally I want to thank the team from Hungary for the excellent goulash they made and also want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to visit one of the greatest touristic sights of Hungary: the Balaton lake. Unfortunately, as in any project there are some bad things too. The only drawback for us was the food which was often incomplete, especially at lunch. So in a few sentences this is our story. We invite you to admire some of the pictures taken with this occasion on the Facebook page above.

Author: Alexandru Cristian Ivanciu