The city of the guild enriched itself with a smart bank

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On March 12, through the cooperation of the Community Foundation Háromszék, the Green Sun Association and the Local Council, using part of the money collected during the Bike for a good aim community bicycle foundraising action was officially inaugurated the first smart bank in the county. The main sponsors of the Bike for a good aim community bicycle foundraising action in 2019 were Zarah Moden Kft and New Fashion Rt. Photos from the event can be viewed on the association's Facebook page.

Bereczki Kinga, the CFH program coordinator, presented that last year more than 850 people participated in two charity events, the first for the playground at the special kindergarten courtyard on Achim Andras street, and for the smart bank. She also specified that the procurement procedure of the smart bank was quite long, and after consulting several offers, together with the municipality decided to set up the smart bank through local forces.

The smart bank parts are:  two extendable banks and a central electronic unit, which contains a wifi amplifier, where you can connect 4 USB. The smart bank is a local product: the banks were made in Târgu Secuiesc in Csiszár Dénes's workshop, the electronic parts were assembled by the company Elco from Sfântu Gheorghe, and the stone works were done by Zoltani Lorand, entrepreneur from Sfântu Gheorghe. At the same time, the smart bank is decorated with a beautiful coat of arms of the city, the work of the artist Péter Alpár. At the end of the presentation, the organizers were waiting the participants at a reception at the Vigado Cultural House.

Photos: Roberto Canfora