Alien, the 2nd passenger

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His shadow is projected in the wall while the sundown of the day. The last shy sunlights are coming throw the window while the kids screaming in the street. - Clara went too fast and she forgot about me…- He smashed the end of a cigarette in the table while sighing nervous. - I’m an alien!- The cigarette was breaking in pieces in his fingers- Who could forget an alien!! I mean… look at me! I am smoking! His nervousness was almost possible to be touched with the fingertips. This is the point when you ask yourself how a curious alien can turn into anxiety and despair. He threw the smashed cigarette to a pile of plastic bottles piled up during months in the house. - Do you know this kind of plastic covering a door when someone have been murdered? “restricted area! No trespassing!- He stared at the eyes of the person listening to him.- Yes of course you do! In the films! Always the films! That’s why later the people think they can do a bomb with a chewing gum and one clock! Is insane the human mind… …. - Well, sometimes here you have the feeling like there is one of this things in the door to go to the balcony. Sometimes I’m afraid if suddenly the police is going to appear because they are investigating or what…- He scratched his head while thinking. He started to be more calmed. - There is something what is confusing me… I tried to search in internet but I didn’t found anything. Maybe you can help me…- He was wondering himself if telling or not.- Is it possible to cultivate rice in the sink? Don’t look at me like that men… is just because in this house they are trying. The sink is always full with rice and I was really confused… if rice needs a lot of water to grow… hell men! The sink is the perfect place! The person listening to this stray alien is an anonymous person who had the bad luck to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is not listening by his own intention because he is tied from feets and hands and his mouth is covered with a wet gag. He was looking really scared, but he wanted to say something. - Ohhh you want to say something? Please…- The alien took out the gag from his mouth very friendly. - But what you are saying have no sense…- Said finally the men moving the mandible from one side to the other to calm the pain generated by the gag. The alien´s face changed from the kindest creature to the worst demon in the hell and started to play nervous with the gag in his hands. It was starting to be more dangerous that a team of gremlins playing waterpolo… - Shut up! What would you know!? Who asked your opinion!? For the next time I will not take the gag out from you… well, that if there is a next time…- He started to put back the gag into the anonymous mouth. - Maybe she went out without you because you are so irascible and … feofle loof the fafienfe…- He couldn’t speak correctly because of the gag. - Men… you are a bad you know? If you do that always... You should do something with that…- The voice of the alien was suddenly calmed and was talking to the anonymous trying to make him understand. - I don’t know why, but they never understand… Well folks… I think is time to go back to my home planet. With a lot of hugs, kisses and madness from this insane world, always yours. Alf, the cat eater.

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