Amazing time goes to an end!

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That's my last blog, and it's from all the blog's the most hardest to write. I just have three days left, after that I will go back home to Austria. Of course I'm looking forward to go home to see my family and my friends again, and to hug them.I really miss them already a lot! But in the other side it's really hard to say here „Goodbye“. I'm really nervous, and stressed this last days. It's a feeling what you can't describe, because in one way I'm so happy to go back, but in another way I'm sad that I have to leave here. It's not so easy, if you live for one year somewhere, where it's really beautiful, where you like it a lot, and where you made new friendships, it's really hard. I don't like farewells. So for me it's always better to don't say „Goodbye“, just say „ See you soon“, and I hope we will see soon eachother again. Anyway I will come back to visit my friends here, because i will miss them a lot! I have learned here so much new things, what i can use for my whole life. Also I collected a lot of experiences and memories. The good memories what I made here, they will stay forever in my heart. I'm grateful to all who gave me good memories, and teached me new things! A big „Thank you“ on this people! :) Kézdivásárhey I will miss you. It's so a nice town, and the people here are friendly. I also will keep to learn the hungarian language, and maybe when I come back someday i can speak with you fluently. I like hungarian humans, they are really nice. Always when I was travelling around in Romania, I was soo happy when i finally came back to Kezdi. All the volunteers and friends, who i met this year, hopefully I see you all someday again somewhere. It was an adventurous year here in Romania, and I had a lot of fun. I will never regret this awesome year, it's one of the best, because this was one of my dreams, and it came true. I'm happy that I had the chance to come in this project. We had a lot of good activities, and a good time. Memories stay forever! A big „Thank you“ to the people from the organisation, they helped us, teached us, showed us new places. I wish you for the future all the best, and never give up for this wonderful organisation. I will really miss it. I will miss the people from the organisation. Some of them became so good friends for me. >strong>I will never forget you all! On friday we will have the last trip together, we go to a lake, somewhere in Harghita county. Let's make good memories and lot's of pictures together. :D This last month i learned also how fast people can change, and that you have to be careful who you trust. First they do like they are your friends, suddenly they are your enemy. Really how can people change so fast, I don't understand this. But finally I don't care about this humans anymore, because if they think they have to be like this, than they have no more place in my life! About Romania, i learned that most of the people have a wrong attitudes about this country. It has so beautiful landscapes and cities, also not all the humans are the same, some of them a really open minded and friendly, and some are not. In every countries there are good people and unfortunately also bad people. But you just have to meet the good people, and the bad people you just ignore them. Also if you travel with bus, you never know if the bus comes or not, but is funny and adventurous. The train is really slow, but you can enjoy better the view. See always the good things of it. Be happy. :) For all who visit Romania, i recommend you to go at first to this little, peaceful and beautiful town it's called: „Kézdivásárhely“. A little Hungarian town in Transylvania. Now i have to come to an end for my last blog, I will miss the blog writing, but I will miss a lot of things. I would have much more to write, but than it will be to long, and i 'don't want that the readers will getting bored. „Hahaha“ So i wish also all who always read my blog's, all the best, and thank you for reading my blog's! Have a nice week! Sziasztok! :)

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