Beauties of Bucharest

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I took a break from office work and took a little getaway to Bucharest for the weekend. Going to a city with big malls, cafes, lots of people and of course traffic made me feel at home. I've been living in Targu for about 3 weeks and I'm not used to living in a small city. I realized that I missed the crowd and the noise. I loved the big buildings, historical buildings, big restaurants and nightlife in Bucharest. It reminded me of Mersin. I found Turkish restaurants and met Turks at the end of 3 weeks. I did not expect that I would be so happy to meet the citizens of my own country. 

I learned that there are a lot of Turkish people in Bucharest and in many cities of Romania. So much so that there were Turkish villages in Constanta. There are Turkish associations in many cities. Knowing this made me feel good, speaking my language and eating our meals after a long time was an interesting and missed experience. I have been in Romania for 3 weeks and visited 3 cities. I love to travel and see innovations. Romania is like a fairy tale. I often feel myself on the streets of Rome. My goals are to visit all cities and explore Romania. After discovering Romania, I will check out the different country. I want to fit many countries, memories and experiences into my 22 years old.

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