Begining of an EVS, Step by Step

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My EVS started 3 weeks ago, I have done diferent task during this time. Communication : As a new volunteer in Kezdi, we need to promote the fact that an european program is happening in the city. Three volunteers from differents country will live in this city during one year ! We had a press conference in Hungarian where we just had to sit in a chair and to smile because we can't speak and we can't understand... It was very frustrated ! We also had a radio interview instantaneously translated by a member of the organization. We started to write article (in english) and to take picture for the website about GS event. We are authorized by the immigration police to stay 5 years in Romania : Yihihi !! Information : We are new in here and there is a lot of things that we need to know. We had a presentation of, a web site who promote the living soul of Kezdi. One idea from one man who fight alone (like a modern cowboy) for a better visibility of meaningful events. With our mentor, we visit the traditional market of Kezdi, we also went to Saint Stephen day in the Perko chapel. We tasted a lot of traditional food and I liked it very much. Green Sun Event : We participate in a wonderful bike tour on the nemere trail ! It was fantastic, sometime hard but awesome. I really enjoyed the energy of this group of biker. Everybody was talking to everyone and encourage each other in the difficulties. The landscape was also beautiful. Each volunteer had one task, I was suppose to stay a the beginning of the group but I didn't have the legs for it ! My other task was to carry the GPS, I succeed in this ! 74 km in 8 hour ! EVS event : We were invited in a EVS meeting in Sfantu Gheorghes for people who wanted to receive a training about hosting/sending EVS. We presented ourself, why did we choose to go in EVS, why did we choose this project/this country, etc … In the afternoon we participated at differents workshops about the cultural shock EVS can have Democratic life of the association: Three time per year the association plan a Smile event. It's a team building meeting and also a place were the member can propose some ideas for new projects. Two time per month the association organize a Green Sun meeting. We talk about the event and project of the association, who can participate, what do we need, etc … We celebrated the 5th birthday of the organization by a hiking trip near from brasov at the Canionul 7 scari‏‎. It was a long path in the wood and near from a river. It was wonderful. I'm enjoying my time in Kezdi and my activity. I want also to discover other part of Romania when the weather is still good ! Szia ! Céline

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