Bunny-Bunny, Bunny-Bunny

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Hello everybody, that's nice to meet you again after a very long, but still awesome week. Yes we, with Mariam have been in On arrival training. On-arrival Training concerns the EVS/ECS volunteers doing an EVS/ECS service in Romania for at least 2 months! And that training will be one of the memorable days from Romania.

What about the title of my blog. What does it means bunny-bunny, bunny-bunny?! This was a game-energizer from on arrival trainings, and from now on one of my favorite. Yes, you are right bunny is a bunny, a small, very lovely little rabbit, who included an idea of kindness and a lot of positives and energy. And the game was like that, we were standing in a circle and clapping hands while repeating slowly cum-ca, cum-ca, just one person from us was caring bunny, and that one person should chose an another person from the circle and share the energy and positives which he/she had. But the  funniest part of the game was finger movements. I guess all of you knows how to make The Bunny Ears from the two fingers:, it looks like to V-V; And moving your bunny ear fingers from you toward a choused person, while you are saying the words, bunny-bunny, bunny-bunny. It was so funny and we really felt a lot of energy and happiness after that game. So if you ever will be bored, you can try too.

In conclusion whole week was full of education, entertainment and emotions. We have met a very interesting people, at list we know 70 volunteers from 20 countries. We are invited all over the Romania and mostly in "Turkadea". Actually the city name is Oradea, but Antonio (From Spain) is living there just with a lot of Turkish people and that's why we are invited in Turkadea. That's was funny :d. And a many, many memorable funny jokes. I will miss them all.

...And after all, I have decided that this will be a very good year.

With love, Salomushka

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