Enjoying this amazing life! ;)

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Time is going to fast, but that you can't change. So I just enjoy every moment. I just have three months left, that makes me a little bit sad, because I like it here so much, it's already my second home. But I think this three months will be soo amazing like the other last months, and I will collect a lot of memories and experiences. Next week my family comes to visit me, and I'm really looking forward to see them again. I think they also already waiting for the day, when they can come. At first we will stay in Sibiu some days, because my Sister, her boyfriend and my cute little nephew they are coming also, and it's not so good to travel to much with my nephew, because he is too small for this. After four days my parents and I, we will traveling around.. I hope we will come until the Donau Delta, it would be great. Oh and hopefully the weather will be fast better, because I need sun, I miss the spring and the summer. Soo don't be shy sun and come out!! ;) Biketour and Horsefarm: Last week we made a biketour to Gelence, it was very hot so i got a sunburn, i didn't known that the sun is already so strong. I mean okay the weather is really crazy, one time it's so hot that you need short clothes, and another time it's storming or snowing... About the biketour, it was very good, we spent almost the whole day in Gelence because its a big village and soooo beautiful, I liked it so much. The people there, they were all very friendly to us. We were driving around with the bike, and we had a lot of fun. It was really a great trip. I also was last week on a horsefarm, there were beautiful horses and we had also the chance to ride. We were riding around the village, and it was very nice. One thing was not so good, somebody was always holding the horse, so for me it was a little bit boring, because I learned it in Austria how to ride a horse. But maybe next time. This weekend we have the Spring-days. We will collecting the rubbish around the city, what other people throw away without to use their brain. I'm sorry to say this, but it makes me angry how stupid some people are with our nature! I mean you see already that if we don't change, the earth will slowly die, but than we die also with her, because we don't have another planet where we can go! There is no more future, so everybody should think about it, how to do with the nature! Also this stupid people who cut all the trees in all the forests just for money. You will see one day, that money is not all what you need for life! Cutting trees is not an investment, it's destroying the earth! I want to say with this, that if we change all together, and if we take more care of our planet, we can save him. Also in the Spring-days we will plant new trees, and we will have presentations about weather and astrologic things, and some more... So, what we will need for the weekend is a good weather. Keep calm and have a good day! ;) Sziasztok! :)

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