Enjoying summer with Zöld Nap!

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Last Friday and Saturday some members of the organization participated in two camps: Sepsibesenyo and Oroszfalu. After swimming in the lake close to the camp, children of Sepsibesenyo camp could get more energy eating a tasty potatoe soup and cabage with meatballs and so they could play with us different games!! They did different teams and the competition started. They could show their knowledge answering some questions about different topics, surprising us with their abbilities carrying water with a spoon or get wet transferring water with one plastic glass in their heads. Almost every team did all games until the rain comes but that wasn’t a problem to continue enjoying inside with the children playing guitar and singing. 

Changing some of the games, next day with smaller children, organization did some similar activities but this time we finished the games until the rain and wind came.

Very active children prepared to enjoy outside during holidays time.


Silvia Blanco González.