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I'm halfway through this project. Looking back, I marvel at how fast time flies. I started a new life from scratch in another country, learned their language and adapted. I believe I did a very good job in 5 months. I haven't been able to do all the things I want to do yet. There are many reasons for this, including weather conditions and inadequate facilities. Even though I stumbled on this road alone, I'm proud of what I've done. Joining this project has taught me life. Maybe it gave me a life experience that I would never have learned in college. After coming to this project, I realized that I had chosen a project for myself. The biggest thing missing in my life was my hobbies and this project gave me maximum activity. The happiness of overcoming the times when I faced many problems and thought to give up in this country where I came with trembling hands is priceless.

What life offers you depends on which window you look at life from. You either laugh or you rebel. I think I chose to laugh. So much so that now I feel that I have gone through a great simulation and succeeded. This project and coming to this country changed not only my life, but also my perspective and character. Getting out of your comfort zone is a great courage, starting something new from scratch sounds so scary. This is my second time out of my comfort zone. And the 2nd best experience of my life. (obviously the first best experience was my first step out of my comfort zone)
When I look at my development, change and experiences in this 5-month period, I see that there are many lessons to be learned. I believe that everything I have experienced, good or bad, is a life experience and it has grown me. I personally recommend it to all dear readers reading this. Please take risks, get out of your comfort zone, try, be brave. Don't just say you're brave, prove you're brave. Don't be afraid to change your life. A risk-free life has no surprises. In fact, I have gained so much spiritually that I am proud to say it again. Glad I'm in this project.
One of the people looking through the same window sees the mud on the street, and the other sees the stars in the sky.

Wishing you to see the stars in the sky...

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