Extraordinary Bucharest

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After long-last working days we got a few days off and decided to go to Constanta through Bucharst. Frankly speaking, my first impression was ambivalent. There are a lot of bulky buildings, a lot of  billboards, also in some places you can notice the post-soviet spirit, and absolutely everywhere you can see all kinds of grafity and street art. At first I thought about vandalism. How can the local authorities allow such kind of  defacement in the heart of the city. But there was nothing to do, our train to Constanta must leave at 5:45 in the morning and, as budget tourists, we had to wander around the city until that time.

As it always happens, after having some food, our mood improved and  we decided to scroll around the city. We have visited many places, but now I don’t want to talk about architecture or kitchen, I want to talk about people living here.
During one day of our stay in Bucharest, we met representatives of various subcultures. As a girl from the Caucasus, I could not help paying attention to non-standard hairstyles, clothings, and the manner of behavior of people. It didn't matter how old you were or what gender, nationality, or what social level you had. People lived for real. They could sit wherever they wanted, eat something from the supermarket, laugh and enjoy the music of street artists. Many people from my country would consider them crazy, but I would say that they are just free, talented and I hope that they are happy.
I am happy that circumstances forced us to stay in Bucharest for a while longer, because in the evening, after all what I saw, I looked at this city with completely different eyes. And the ambiguity of Bucharest did not bother me, but absorbed me. I understood that this is a city of contrasts where there is no place for ordinary things.

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