First time in a dog shelter

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On october twenty fourth we (me Davit, Nane and Lilit with Csaba) went to a dog shelter near Brasov. It was the first tiime I went any type of shelter. When we reached there, one big,white mountain shephered dog greet us in front of the shelter. He was a very hairy, kind  and cute dog.

There were around 5 volunteers and workers.I was really proud of them,because they are doing great job for homeless dogs.In a dog shelter there were 3 separate places for dogs. The first part was for sick dogs. The second one was a place for adoptable  dogs and the third place was for angry dogs (but I am sure that the reason of their angryness were rude people).

Besides the dog shelter, in the second floor there was also a small shelter for cats and kitties.
We played with them with lazers we pet them a lot and it was a  really nice and antistresfull day.

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