Games in Manna!

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Friday at Green Sun School we made a  game from recyclable materials, a game that can be made easily and requires only minimal costs. Photos from the school are available on the Facebook page of the association.

The first step to realize the game is cutting into wider circles the toilet (kitchen) paper tube and after that we stick a flag on every circle. The flag is simple , you just need to stick a piece of paper on a toothpick. Flags are numbered and the game is ready. We arrange the circles with flags on a table and we just need two buttons, one bigger and one smaller, and with the help f the big button, we try to introduce the small one into the circles.

To make the game we only need the toilet paper tube, paper waste, toothpick or match and two buttons of different sizes. These things we believe are in every home, the purchase is done in a minute. And the rules are even more  simple. The children all try to introduce the  small buttons into the circles using the bigger button. The winner of the game is the one who has accumulated the most points.

Our contest was won by Barbara, followed by Pista and Robika.