Getting better and better

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In this time my blog will be not very long I think.., because i spent the last week in the hospital, and there happened nothing really exciting. Thats the hospital. So always be happy, to be healthy. Is really one of the most important thing in life, to be healthy. I have since one month problems with my stomach, and is really not funny. I already was thinking, i have to go back to Austria, but now i can stay until the end. Thats really good, that I can finish the project. Now i'm getting slowly better, i'm thankful for it, and just hope that it will not come back. Thats the life it shows you good and unfortunatly also bad moments.. at the end the good moments are important. On wednesday we will go on a camp, with the kids. I'm already curious about it. It will be interesting, and i will collect new experiences. We will do a lot in the nature and making games. It will be funny. Two weeks before we had a bike tour, it was really good. At the end it was a little bit strong, but I'm proud of me, that i have done all the 60km's. On the 18. of July we will have again a bike tour, so i have to practice again a lot, to get stronger. ;) Next week I have holiday for one week. We will go probably to bucharest to visit some other volunteers there. Also i would like to go to harghita county, there must be a beautiful lake, somewhere not too far from us. It would be really great to visit it. Soo that was all for today, i think in the next blog i will write again more.. :D Have a nice week! Sziasztok :)

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