Green morning in Ozsdola!

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Again, the Green Sun Association was moved to another school to spend the morning playing on green values and educating their students. In this case was the turn of Ozsdola.

When we arrived there and after putting all children together, we went out from the classrooms and we enjoyed several outdoor games where the 70 children that were with us, enjoyed playing with the ball in first case, and after with a game where 10 different groups must compete between them for arrive in first position at the end of the line like worms, all together with their hands under their legs.

After a little moving, we go in the classrooms again despite of some complains because is well known that children in any case prefer outdoor activities. But now was the turn for a nice game where they could develop their green knowledge,  learning from each other. The 7 groups that we made, had to think about original ideas for make different places more efficient and greens. To every group was assigned one different place.  For the distribution of the different places that every group had to become greener, we made a funny mimic game. After that, they had 15 minutes to write in one  A2 paper their ideas to share with the rest of the classmates at the end of the activities.

Was a really pleasure observe how many green ideas they shared and how good is learn from each other.