Happy Evs time

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This year was an amazing year for me and I still have two months here. Of course this two months I really want to enjoy as the other last months. I'm so happy that I decided to be a volunteer, and that i have chosen this nice project, in this nice town. I discovered so much new things, I collected new experiences and memories for my life. The time was passing unfortunately very fast, but that always if something is beautiful the time is going fast. I really had until now amazing moment in this country. I met lots of new people and I won new friends. I really will miss a lot of things, so maybe someday I can come back. Week of Sunshine: Last week the weather was so good, we had already 30 degrees or more. It was awesome, to feel the sun after that cold winter. On Saturday we drove with a friend to the Saint Anna's lake, it was really a nice and funny day. We took a boat, because for swimming it was a little bit too cold, although some people swam in the lake. It was so funny on the boat, because we was moving a little bit, and than we moved always in circles, so we had a problem to come back. The boat was just with paddles so it was not so easy but finally we managed it to come back on the landing stage. On Sunday I went out for a walk, and enjoyed the good weather. Now the last two days it's over with the good weather, at the nights we had storms with big lightnings and thunder, but I liked it. :) Smile Event: This Saturday we will have the next Smile Event, and this time I'm the organizer together with Katika. I hope it will be a very good daybeautiful lake, it's around two hours away from here. Hopefully the weather will be very good, than we can also bring the swim clothes. :) I wish you all a nice day! Sziasztok! :)

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