Holidays done.

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Just we arrived from the Adriatic Sea where we enjoyed some time with other members of Green Sun, is time to start thinking in work again. 
But first, I would like to tell how our last trip went on. I have to say that the 14 border controls crossed and every one of the 2900 kilometres that we made in 10 days, totally worth, but I don’t want to drive any more kilometre until I will be in Spain this Christmas, cause yes, I will pass Christmas in family. 

Coming back to the trip, from Kezdi we went straight until middle of Serbia, specifically in Krajuievak, where we rested the first night in order to continue our trip the following day. We tried to find something interesting there, but we failed in our attempt, there is nothing there.
Again in the road, we cross to Montenegro and the mountains didn’t disappear until we crash into the sea. Is amazing the landscape in Montenegro, full of high mountains, is because the totally population hardly overcome the 600.000 inhabitants. 

We set base in Budva, and from there, in daily trips we visited the surroundings of Budva, Kotor, Bar, Lipa Cave, and we cross once until Dubrovnik, in Croatia. Every place was special and the sea has charged the batteries for the following months. 

Now we are working hard again in the next activities, like the Peace day or one camp in Balvanyos, despite of start promoting the languages courses that we will star to impart next months and some “national events” in where we will show some fancy attributes from our “mother land”. 

As always, many thanks if you are reading this. A big hug to you. 


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