Janurary is gone

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Christmas seems very far away and in the same time, time run away so fast. During this month I had the French event which was very fun and I liked it a lot. I wonder what people think about it. How can I improve it. I also continued the French lesson. I like this activity so much. I would like to continue but I need to see with my student if they want to. It's so interesting to see the learning process of each one. I'm starting to get better in Hungarian and I'm practicing with friend and a lot with children to explain games. I wish I would be staying in a Hungarian house so I can hear Hungarian more. We are also learning Romanian which is not so difficult but we don't have so much opportunity to practice or to ear some. Last week, we had the MTM training : mid term training. So here i am, at the middle of my stay. The meeting in Predeal with 80 volunteer was very nice and interesting. I like very much the non-formal education activity we've done, and we had also great party and great friendly discussion. I had also the opportunity to speak French and it's very hard to switch between many language !

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