Lakatos Éva Andrea summary

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When the Green Sun Association (Zöld Nap) started organizing programs and events, I was proud to count myself as one of the first volunteers. Since then a year has passed, full of events, more precisely 92 greater or smaller outings. New volunteers joined our small group from all over the county and I think they found their place within the association. The Green Sun is an open organization of which anybody can become a member, where you can spend your spare time efficiently, where you can feel that you did something to make the world a little bit better. It’s a group which really does something for the environment and helps the youth not to waste their time day by day, but to discover the beauties of being a volunteer, especially within an organization which you can truly feel your own. I made friends, I permanently get to know new people and I have learnt a lot. With the experience of many years, I feel free to state that in a nongovernmental organization it’s the high amount of practical work that makes an important person of you, including not just physical labor, but the creative-organizer skills and work needed to build a project, to settle it, to realize it and to acquire the necessary funds. My favorite program was the photography competition series; I really liked that so many people have applied with their photos, one more beautiful than the other. Since then, I have been saving money for a good camera, so that I can participate at such programs. Two other events which count as my favorites were the sapling planting and the building of a new playground. These two involved mostly physical labor, joined by having fun and getting to know each other. It was nice to spend time in open-air, which made the event more like a good trip. Hundreds of students came to plant saplings, working hard as small ants. It’s interesting to note that on an international meeting, where the Green Sun Association reported its activities, people found hard to believe that so many saplings were planted. However, we made it and I cannot wait for the next event. During the building of the playground, I was constantly concentrating on making the horrible metal playground disappear from the kindergarten’s yard, and replacing it with a child friendly wooden one, where children can spend their best time. I did all this and I’ll keep doing it as a citizen from Szentgyörgy in Kézdivásárhely, for people in Kézdivásárhely and for myself.