Mid Term in Predeal

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The Mid Term is a meeting where all the volunteers whose projects are halfway meet and speak about their experiences. It was from 25th until 27th September for all the volunteers in Romania and we met in Predeal. We were 15 volunteers, from different nationalities: Italians, Armenians, Turkish, Greeks, French, Portuguese, Americans and Spanish. Roxana Turcu and Eugenia Barbu were our trainers. We talked about motivation, challenge, life after EVS and YouthPass.

The first day we presented our project and we wrote a book about our memories before beginning our life as EVS, challenges, inspiration from other persons, changes in other people´s life and changes in our own lives because of EVS. The second day we did a motivation graph and we talked about challenge and different views: our opinion, our opponent, our idol and ourselves in a year´s time. In the afternoon, the trainers gave us a sheet with questions and we went to answer them in the forest or in the city.

The third day we did TED game, that is, we made a speech about EVS. We talked about how we feel in our project, how our family reacted when we told them that we wanted to spend some time in Romania or what EVS means to us from an educational perspective. Finally, we spoke about YouthPass and our future projects/plan. In my opinion, The Mid Term was more interesting and fruitful than the Arrival Training in Bucharest. In conclusion, we are living a challenging experience, in a different country and culture. We sometimes lose our motivation and we miss our family and our friends but we must find some motivation to keep our project going on. This kind of experiences make us stringer and we have more confidence in ourselves.

Author: Isa Fernandez