Middle of june

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The past 2 Week we had a lot of various activities. We had the volunteer garden in sfantu gheorghe. The aim was to present volunteering but we had been chased away by the rain. We had some intervention in the school, and green school and mana shelter as usual. WE started to do the molnar park project : build flower pot and paint them. We had a very huge event : Bike for a good aim. the crowed was very impressive. I enjoyed it a lot. This week was the family health week organised by numerous organisation. We also finished the second edition of the EVS newspaper in english. I've worked on a survey about moving afternoon in order to reach teenager. This WE, I will participate in my first bike tour (i've missed the last), i hope the weather will be good ! After I have 2 week of holidays. photo : Toró Attila

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