Mixed feelings in the first two weeks of may!

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Mixed Feelings: Eleven days full of happiness and after that five days being sick. In the beginning of may my family came to visit me here in Romania, and it was a really beautiful time. I enjoyed the time with them. We had beautiful days, and we were travelling a lot. The other thing was not so good, after my parents left Romania, I became sick. I was so sick that I had to go to the hospital, but thats the life! It happens positive things and unfortunately sometimes negative things, but the important thing is always stand up again. Beautiful moments with my family! I was already waiting for the 1st of may, that my family came to visit me. So I started early in the morning the travel to Sibiu, it was not so easy because at first the bus was late. Finally the bus came but he had not enough space for all people. All the people were trying to catch a place in the bus and a ticket. I got a ticket but no space, but I had the luck, one woman she told the bus driver, that the woman next to her will leave the bus at the next station so i can take this sit place. She was talking a little bit english, so during the travelling to Sibiu we talked a lot, and she gave me also her phone number, because she said; I can call her when I'm the next time in Brasov and we can go together to the mountains. So I got also a new friend during my travel to Sibiu. After we arrived Sibiu, my family was already waiting for me in the main place in Sibiu. So I went fast there, than I saw them and it was soo a great moment to see and hug them again. Also my little nephew came to Sibiu to visit me, at first he was a little bit shy, but after a while he was all the time around me, he is sooo cute. Now he speaks already a little bit and thats soo sweet. :D Since I saw him the last time he grow a lot, and he is already so a big fan of motocross with a age of 2,5 years. I was sooo happy, that they were all here. My sister, her boyfriend and my little nephew stayed four days in Sibiu, my parents stayed eleven days in Romania. . On monday 4th of may they left and it was a little bit hard to say goodbye, and after one hour I miss them already a lot, but in August I will see them again. :) Than my parents and I, we were going with the car to Kezdi. I showed them a little bit of this nice town, and they liked it a lot. The next day we started to continue our trip to Lepsa. It was village with mountains around and lot of forest, it were so beautifull landscapes. One day we went to an pretty waterfall, it was just 3km away from Lepsa, it was so calm that we listened the water and the birds in the nature. After two days in Lepsa we drove to Ploiesti, where we remained again two nights. But Ploiesti was not so a nice city, so we decided to go for one day to Targoviste. Targoviste is a really pretty city, all three of us liked it a lot. Afterwards on the 9th of May we went to Busteni, there we remained one night in an nice appartment, and around us were also the mountains, it was a nice view from the balcony. In Busteni we visited a castle and we hiked a little bit. On the penultimate day we went back to Kezdi. It was Sunday and the Mothers day, so my father and I, we made for my mother a beautiful day. On monday they left, and I miss them already a lot. All this days was soo wonderful moments with my family, unfortunatly the time was passing too fast, like always when something is beautiful. We enjoyed a lot this time together. I'm so thankful for this funny and excellent days/moments with all of them. Not so good moments: On Tuesday I started to feel bad, but i took some medicine and I was thinking it will be soon good. But it wasn't so. It became worse. Almost three days i didn't ate to much, my stomach was so painfull and after a time I was so weak and without energy, that i remained all the time in my bed. On Wednesday night it was really bad so I decided to go to the doctor next day. Next day Katika went with me to the hospital in Kezdi, they gave me something to get a little bit stronger, but they didn't had the things to take probes from my blood, to see what the problem is. They sent me with the ambulance to Saint Gheorghe to the hospital. There they gave me again medicine to become stronger and they took probes to find out the problem. After seven hours waiting in the hospital, they told me i have some bacterias in my stomach and the doctor gave me some pills for the home. The pills were helping good, and now i'm felling much better. I'm happy that it's over, because it was a horrible pain. Now I'm starting with full of energy working. The weather is also very good, so we can make a lot of activities outside, thats perfect! Have a nice day! Sziasztok!

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