The moving afternoon

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When you  prepare one event, you hope that will have good result and you will enjoy the fruits of your work. So, on  30th of May in 2016 Green Sun Association organized  with Sport office in  Kezdivasharely the moving afternoon. It was held in the sport center of the city. Unfortunately because of the heavy rain the event took place inside of sport center and not outside as we planed. But in spite of the bad weather there were almost 20 children and around 20 youngsters, who had fun and  enjoyed a lot the event. Photos from the school are available on the Facebook page of the association.

For participants we had a new activity, the basket pong. They had to threw small ping pong balls in a  cup full with water. Who threw the ball in all cups of concurent won. Also there was the wooden game where children had to threw rings in the wood sticks and get the points from 10 till 50. The most interesting was the colorful Twister game-. At first for Silvia was a bit difficult to say in hungarian in what color children have to put their hand or leg but as she is clever girl, she learned it quickly. Of  course if you are in sport center you have the posibilitie to play  ping pong. Some children played ping pong and it hadn’t mean that ping pong is their daily activity.

At the end participants danced together the children-chuchua dance. They song, danced and had a fun.