My amazing journey from the last week!

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I started my journey last week on Saturday in the morning. At first I was going to Brasov, after that I took the next bus to Sibiu. In Sibiu I had actually an appointment with an other Volunteer, but after 4-5 hours waiting in Sibiu, the Volunteer told me that he will not come with me to Budapest. In this moment I was really mad and sad, I was thinking to go back and I wouldn't see Budapest. If I would known, I would taken the direct bus from Kezdi to Budapest. So I learned of this, never trust other people to much what they say, before they didn't show!! So after a while I decided to go alone to Budapest. No problem for me! I called Clara for the timetable of the bus, and she told me there is the next bus at 17:30. So I wanted to catch this bus, to go to Arad and there I would stay one night. And the next day to continue with the train to Budapest. Okay that was my plan, but when I came to the bus station and the bus came, the driver told me I need an reservation, and they are already full. Great, the next problem, what should I do.. 10 minutes before, I met a old woman and she was asking me a lot in Romanian; where I want to go?, How old I'm?, What I'm doing here?, and more... it was funny. So i tried to speak Romanian and I think for her it was very funny, because I spoke one time Romanian, one time Hungarian and one time English. Haha so I made a remix with the languages. Now comes the best, she went to the busdriver and said to him: „ You have to bring this girl to Arad, she is an Volunteer you can't let her here alone!“ I was standing behind the woman and couldn't believe, that she did that, to get a place in this bus for me. Really this woman was so a helpfull person, I was so surprised and thankful. So the busdriver decided, to take me to Arad, I was soo happy! I arrived at 22:00 in Arad, there I stayed in a flat from other Volunteers. It was also very nice from them to host me. I told them, that I will go the next day to Budapest, and suddenly one Volunteer decided to come with me to Budapest. It was good, so i didn't had to go alone. Next day we took the train to Budapest, it was around 4 hours what we spent in the train. I was so excited to see Budapest, so much people told me it must be amazing! I stayed in Budapest for three days the other Volunteer stayed two days. We took a bus which brought us on a lot of good places, and we made also a boot tour. Budapest in the night, is unbelievable beautiful! I can just say, this City is sooo beautiful and amazing. I love this city! :D This three days were fantastic! Unfortunatly the time was passing to fast. I was enjoying this nice moments a lot. It was very good for me, because I understood a lot of the language and i tried to speak with the people in Hungarian. The third day I took the bus back to Kezdi, and also there i met so friendly people! :) In the morning we arrived in Kezdi, and I was very happy, to be back in my beautiful home. :) Okay that was Budapest, but thats not all. I came home on Thursday morning, and the next day my best friends from Austria came to visit me. They stayed from Friday until Monday, and it were really funny days with them. We laughed so much, all the time! The first day we stayed in Kezdi. I picked them up from Kaufland, and I showed them this nice town. They were very surprised how beautiful it is here. :) At the evening I cooked for them a dinner, and after that we went with Clara to the jazz bistro, because there was a conzert. I just say, that we had all next day a little hangover, but it was a funny night! ;D Next day we started to drive with a rented car to Brasov. It was a Dacia, we had so much fun with this car, because the roads are not very good here in Romania, but the car was not broken, after this day's. I showed them Brasov and we spent one night in Brasov in a hostel. The next day we continue our journey to the Transfagarasan. When we arrived there, somebody told us that the half of the road is closed until June. We were a little bit sad about it, but we drove the road so long until the closed part came, and it was also beautiful. Yes and one time we took a wrong road, and we were driving with the Dacia on a way it wasn't anymore a street,it was just a way full of dirt and with many potholes. So we were searching for a normal street again. After that we found again a normal road, the car was soo dirty, but the Dacia survived this wild way. The next day they brought me back to Kezdi, and they had to go back to the airport. This days were really funny! Nice moments! Monday night i was invited for a dinner, from Clara's family. The food was really delicous. Her family is very nice and funny. It was a good evening. :) This time my Blog is more like a story but the last week I experienced so nice moments and I want to tell you that. I wish you all a nice day! Sziasztok ;)

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