My creepy dear diary

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Yeah why not? I am already like half hour in front of the computer thinking what to write. And as I said the last time in the blog (I think it was the last week?) I feel this like a diary. So I will start it as a diary use to be started in the films… Dear diary… right now I am in the coach under the window open. I wanted to enjoy the thunders of the other night so I decided to go under the window. I just finished now writing the article of the last moving afternoon and I am waiting to have the words in Hungarian to put in the poster for the next bike tour. So I come here to write on you. Do you know what happens when the light goes out in your house? Most people will think to go out or to talk with a friend, or to get back your social life. Is the typical no? We don’t… the other day the light went out and we were staring in my open window while talking about what to do if an apocalypse zombie starts. Why not? Is always good to have a plan. In fact the White house in EEUU also have an apocalypse zombie program. We are just prudent persons and we discuss about it (creepy?). I don’t know if it’s creepy if you compare how crazy the world is. Compared, we are little princes talking about dreams. I still remember the face of one little girl (maybe 8 years?) the other day working. I prepared one game for them, basically they have to steal to the others a piece of rope. So they were all just running around. I have to say this little girl is the kind of sweet shy little girl so adorable… but when she stole one rope to another kid… her face was the face of a dammed demon coming out from the deepest hell to punish the world. Really that was creepy and was really funny! I like creepy things. As you can guess, my “electrical diary”, I don’t have too much things to say but random things. Anyway you should know that I am going to make you competence a little bit… talking about books, I will be a “living book” next week in Sfântu Gheorghe and I will be talking to the people like an open book to them. Just don’t get mad. See you next time! Clara.

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