New Year story

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Hello. If realy I dont know what to tell you in this time. Okay. I will tell you about my New Year.
I decided to go to Bucharest for New Year.
I started my visit to Bucharest on 30 of Decembere.I woke up at 5 o'clock in the morning, becouse train was at 6.08 in
the morning.I went 7 hourses until I got to Bucharest. It was hard and long trip.
At 3 oclock I met with my friend from George and also met 2 new peoples. One girl from French and one boy from Georga,
they are also valonuntry in Romania. We went to saw some place in the city. And first time I went to McDonald's to eat their burgers.
I like it.
In the evening around 6 oclock we met with my armenian friend Lana. She is student in Bucharest. 
We went to her dormitory, where I stay 2 days. There are also other armenian students. I met them also. 
I got new friends from Moldova and Jordan.
I was so happy becouse at last I could speak in my mother language. 
We met New Year togheter. We cooked some armenian foods.At 11.50 o'clock we went to centre the city front of parlament becouse there were concert and fireworks.
 It was most beutifull and long fairworks that I ever seen. 
It was cold days, and  i got sick. So i had to return back to Targu Secuiesc.
And this time I try blablacar becouse it is cheap and more comfortable. I got home at 4 oclock on 1 of january.
I realy enjoy my time and ai houp ai will meet with my new friends again.
The next time ai want to try autostop. I have never tried·
Շնորհակալություն(Shnorhakalutyun)- Thank you.That is in Armenian.)))

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