Only three weeks

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Now I only stay here just for three months, after that my Evs time is over. The time was passing really fast, one year is nothing. It was a fantastic year for me, and I would choose again to be a Volunteer. I really don't regret it! Of course there were not always good moments, but thats everywhere, there are good moments and bad ones also. Important is to collect and remember always the good moments. I'm already looking forward to go home, to see my family and my friends. I miss them already a lot. It will be a great moment to hug them all again and to spend a lot of time with them.

Last week I had holiday, it were good and calmed days for me. I was often by bicycle driving around the city and sometimes i went for a walk. Also I spent sometimes the time in the park. I like the parks here in Kezdi a lot. It's so peaceful, to listen the birds and the nature. I also met some of my friends. Friday and Saturday I went with Henrietta to Szentegyháza, there is a big pool, where we were swimming, and we stayed one night in a little cottage. We were barbecuing, and we met some people. It was really funny. This week I have to work on a game for children, and I also have to finish the drawings for the word-book for children. I'm already looking forward to see the word-book, at the end. On Thursday we will have again the german class, so I have to prepare for it. I have really good students, they make fast progress. I like to teach them my mother tongue. Saturday we have again a big bike tour, with 60km. It will be strong, but I'm practice already every day for it to get strong. So i think it will be good. :D Next week I have again Holiday, i don't have plans now, but i will write in my next blog what i did. Maybe i will go one day to Brasov or to Sfantu Gheorghe. I will see. Don't forget: Be happy for this moment, because this moment is your life!!! :) Have a good week! Sziasztok! ;)

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