Recycling is better than throwing away

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The average proportion of urban solid wastes in European countries is 44% organic matter, 21% paper and cardboard, 11% plastic, 7% glass, 4% metals, 1% Wood and 12% others. If we expect that each person generates an average of 524 kilos per person and year, this means 110,04 kilos of paper and cardboard, 57,64 kilos of plastic and 36,68 kilos of glass. Setting an example, a plastic bottle of 600ml soda weighs around 20 grams, so residues are generated in the equivalent of 2.882 plastic bottles per person and year.

Romania has a population of 20 million people, so the equivalent of 63.404.000 plastic bottles are produced per year. These excessive numbers need to be reduced for proper waste management and environmental sustainability. Therefore, on 10 and 11 October, the local government with GOSP-COM, and RoRec and Green Sun associations held an event waste collection: appliances and electronics, paper, plastic, glass, used oil and batteries. Was possible to find them in different parts of Kézdivásárhely. Depending on the residue to bring the citizens obtained different benefits. Such that for 1 kilo of plastic obtained a discount of 0,5 lei in the next bill of waste, and for 1 kilo of paper a discount of 0.1 lei. For freezers and refrigerators obtained a voucher of 40 lei, and washers 20 lei and can be used at any store in Romania. Also received for each electronic device participation in a raffle. Being the awards 4 mixers and 4 drills for the winners of the raffle, given by the RoRec organization. A total amount of 500 kg of glass, 1.491 kg of paper, 159 kg of plastic, 10 liters of used oil and 5.000 kg of electronic waste were obtained. Going back to calculations, 159 Kg of plastic is the equivalent of 7.950 plastic bottles that have been collected at this event. In this way we aim to promote the recycling of those materials that can still make use through recycling and reuse. We just have to think about what kind of world we want to live.

Clara Bejarano Sánchez