Run against Time : 24 hours running day

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On the 2nd of October, in spite of the rain and the wind, the Green Sun Association and the Sport Office have organize the 24 hours running day. The aim was to show people how good running is for your life and for your health.

The event in a few numbers: - 832 participants - more than 1000 km roam - more than 1000 plastic cups - exactly 220 liter of water - more than 100 km of apple - 22 volunteer from the organization - 13 sport clubs - 7 associations - 6 schools - 1 company All day long, from 9:00 am on Thursday until 9:00 am on Friday people have run without any break. The youngest participant have 2 years and 6 month, the older 61 years old (Szabó János‏). Because of the rain we had to take refuge into the Sport Center. We hope that the participant enjoyed the event as much as we !