Spanish Club comes back

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      The Spanish Club came back two weeks ago, then it broke for Christmas holidays. Participants enjoy a lovely time. We did many game to memorize the vocabulary, for example: we played card to learn the numbers, who is who to practice the verb to be in Spanish, we sang fruit´s dance (an energize to learn the fruit), we commented memes with double meaning, watched short film in Spanish but with subtitle in English and then they needed to answers the questions.

The next game will be twister to remember the part of body, we will sing toad´s family to learn members of family and more.

      The participants can describe a persons, animals and part of the city, they can prepare delicious desert from Spain. They have different levels of Spanish. I try to organize the lessons for all levels. If you want to learn a little bit of Spanish, this is your opportunity. Not only you will learn Spanish but you will also have a good time. Join the next Spanish Club at 6p.m. on Monday in Green Sun office.