Volunteering in the Green Sun Association - György Attila

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It was a childhood dream come true to become a volunteer in the Green Sun Association, since even from my childhood I wanted to be an environmentalist. Strictly speaking we are not environmentalists, we just want to raise in people’s minds environmental consciousness, that, chocolate wrappers belong to the litter bin, and the forest and the street is not a recycle bin! Our aim is that people follow the good example, and not to think that: “Others drop it, too,” “The green guys will come and will collect it anyway.” Unfortunately many people consider that a green association is a litter-collecting organization. The most interesting thing in volunteering is that you can do something for a community, you can help people, and you have opportunity to try something new. I started to activate in the Green Sun Association with pleasure, seeing the committed, enthusiastic young people. I’ve known about the association from the beginning since my ex classmate is one of the founder members and I received information from him, about the organization’s main activities. The ice broke for me only after half a year but now I know that I shouldn’t have hesitated. I like the fact that due to the various programs, the volunteers and the members can get to know each other, and if new volunteers join the group and they participate at the events and activities, they can become acquainted with the association in a short time. Some people say that volunteering in an organization is not cool. I agree. Neither do I think that. It’s much more! You don’t become a volunteer so that you become a public person, but so that you can offer a good example to follow and help people who need it.