Waiting for the Spring..

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I have enough from the Winter, please Spring come soon. I'm looking forward to go out for a walk and to enjoy the good weather, without the winter jacket, scarf and the cap. I really miss the warm weather and the sun. I also want to start again to take the bike and make bike tours or make other sports. It's so beautiful, when the flowers are blooming and the butterflies come back, and everywhere the birds a singing, and the trees get new leaves, that's so beautiful. We can start again to travel in Romania, to see more beautiful places, and to meet new people. So hopefully the Spring will come in some days, I would be so grateful. A Kutya: Last time I saw the dog again under the tree. I was happy to see her again, and she was also happy. She jumped around when she saw me, and she wasn't shy anymore. I guess, now she knows that she can trust me. It was so nice, it was like she was dancing, and she looked better than the last time, because now she have more energy, and the cold nights are over. I'm so happy that she survived this cold winter. I hope, she will find one day a nice home, where somebody take care of her, and give her love. It's a really friendly and beautiful dog. German Lessons: This Thursday, I will give the third time German lessons. I like it a lot, to teach other people, my mother language. I have very good students, they are learning very fast. The last 10 minutes I always show a film, but the last time it was not working with the subtitles, but I hope the next time it will work. Now I have to prepare for the next lessons. Március: I also wait, that the March is coming, because there we have one week Spring-holiday, and for this we have some plans to travel around. I really like to travel, and hopefully the weather will be sunny and warm. In the end of march, two of my friends from Austria will visit me here in Romania, I'm looking forward to see them again. I will show them some nice places. It will be great and funny. Now I will continue to work on a book for children, it's a lot of work, but when it's finished, it will be fantastic for the kids. It's a nice story with exercices, and the children can learn a lot from it. I wish you all a good day! Sziasztok! :)

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