Where is the time?

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It's already March, I can't believe it. Where is all the time? Why it's passing so fast?! I really enjoyed the last 7 months in this beautiful city. I learned so much things for my life, and until now, I met so nice and amazing people, some of them are really good friends for me, and sure if I have to go back I will miss them so much. I don't want think about it now when I have to go back, because it will be really sad, I'm still here for 4 months, unfortunately not anymore so long but I will enjoy every moment! This is really one of my best years in my life! March is a amazing month. The spring is coming, and every day it will be more warmer and more sunny. That's great! I already went for a walk, and I was also in the parks to listen the birds and to enjoy the good weather. Clara and me, we made already a little bike tour, it was so good to use the bikes again, and I'm looking forward for the bike tours. In two weeks I will go to Budapest, I'm so curious. I heard about Budapest so much good things so I hope it will be a amazing trip. When I'm back from Budapest, I will write in my next blog how it was there. Last weekend, we traveled to Tusnad, there is a swimming place. It was very nice, because I like swimming a lot. This weekend I was in Harghitafürdo with two friends, there were very funny competitions and some concerts, but unfortunately it was a little bit to cold there. Today I have to continue to make a video, about the last half year, what we did here in Kezdi. It will be good memories for all of us. I wish you all a good day and enjoy this sunny day ;) Sziasztok :D

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