Who does not risk does not win!

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Hello? Hello? Hello? is there anybody in there?

There must be someone according to the statistics of visiting. So… this is for you. I’m going to beg you focus on this post, for your fidelity, your curiosity, your free time, or whatever the reason you are reading this, I’m glad and proud because you are here. Thank you for your time and your random "facebook likes".

As you know very well, I am here for more than eleven months already know, and after all this time publishing in average two times per month, you know some things about me. So probably, by the moment, you know where I come from, what I’m doing, where I was, and you can even dare to guess what I like to speak about or not. But today, you are completely lost… aren’t you? Well, do not be nervous. I’m trying to say it to you but before I have to make sure that you have curiosity or interest in what I’m just writing. After all this time you, my unknown reader, and me we generate each other this kind of confidence, Don’t you think? I feel myself totally free to write about everything and you usually are reading it without saying a word, what internationally is interpreted by agree. Is because of this that I’m not ashamed to tell you the secret I’m about to tell you… this is something between us. There we go: I have no idea what to write about. Can you believe me?

I was just joking, I did not have idea, but I did it. Call me genius if you want, put a "like" if you wish as meaning that our relationship reached the highest level after all this time, and the most important, Silvia leave so as you know very well my dear reader, now I am a bit more alone and sad, so we are in that moment of this beautiful blog-relation of taking some risk. Just do it, tell me in which aspect of my amusing life you are really interested in and it is going to be a pleasure to satisfy your curiosity with a beer on hand, and maybe you also have something to tell. After all, what can go wrong? You speak English… no?

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