Winter Ping pong championship

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      On 17th January, Ping Pong School together with the Green Sun Association organized the first championship of the year 2018. There were around 40 participants of different ages. There were eight different categories.  For more pictures please check our Facebook website 

List of winners:

5-6 years old: I. Bálint Őrs, II. Ráduly-Derzsi Szilárd

8-9 year olds: I. Bálint Huba, II. Zoltán Kocsis, III. Michael Sánta

Girls: I. Dumitru Beata Andrea, Ruzsa Diana

16-17 year olds: Ernő I. Gázsmér, II. Balázs Kozman, III. Attila Ötvös

17-18 year olds: I. István Pakucs, II. Elek Gergely, III. Simon Mihály, Rózsa Sándor

Youngsters: I. Gerebenes Levente, II. Gaspar Norbert, III. Gergely Roland

Women: I. Derzsi Katalin, II. Little Emese, III. Isa Fernandez

Men: I. Kocsis Zoltán, II. Csaba Dósa, III. Zoltán Dávid, István Tóth

If you would like to play ping-pong you can come to sport centre every Monday and Wednesday, from13:30 until 15p.m.  Kocsis Zoltán and his team will help you or if you are professional you can practice with other participants. We are looking forward to you.