Do not let others to tell you about…..(Spanish Night)

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After months meeting in the Spanish Club gaining memories, precious moments, learning Spanish words, activities, playing's time to convert all this in a big event. The Spanish Night will be a friendly reunion to share the culture, traditions, dances, music, food, from the places where our Spanish volunteers started their first steps and more surprises!

So, take a notebook and write this important info: On February 12th at 18 o clock in Vigadó Cultural House, Miguel Paya and Carmen Gallardo will present the event by the hand of Green Sun Association. You will know more about them and their traditions, culture and how different is Spain among their regions and communities and how much different things are in only one country. Not only Spain will be the main topic, they will go more deep and show the real roots of it. Come and enjoy, discover interesting facts on a interesting afternoon!

The volunteers are waiting for you with enthusiasm, you only need charged batteries to enjoy this active event!

Sponsor: Erasmus+, Vigadó Cultural House

Author: Carmen Gallardo Serrano